Eyes are the most delicate amongst the five sensory organs. Such cysts may occur on both the upper than well as lower eyelid. Loss of eyelashes or madarosis is either congenital or caused due an infection. While minor changes are not a cause of concern, major variations could be a hindrance for those interested in this surgery. Whether you smoke, or take the smokeless form of tobacco, it poses several health risks. Drooping of the eyelid can be one-sided unilateral or it can be present on both sides bilateral. Uveitis or the inflammation of the urea can also cause redness of the eyes, along with pain and blurred vision. Pain behind eye has been linked to eye problems like glaucoma, dry eyes, and optic neuritis. This quote by Christian Newell Bovee, an American author and lawyer, seems so true and valid.

Diseases or trauma that affect the nerves or muscles of the eye or any structural deformation of the visual system are common double vision causes. The following article will discuss some of the highly contagious eye diseases that occur due to exposure to infectious bacteria or viruses. In this guzzle article, we tell you about the several side effects that can be a result of chewing tobacco.

subconjunctival hemorrhage